Weatherproofing Plus: Honesty, Integrity and Commitment to Customers

A flooded basement is a homeowner’s nightmare. Even when your basement is not visibly flooded, minor leaks or water seepage from the walls or floor can cause major damage. When you hire David Linn Cook of Weatherproofing Plus, Inc., you can rest assured that you made the right choice for all of your wet basement and serviceable needs. For 35 years, Dave, our local Expert in weatherization, has been taking the hassle out of fixing leaky basements and other humidity problems.
Using their expertise in basement waterproofing and home remodeling, Weatherproofing Plus provides a variety of services including sump pump installation, waterproofing paint, mold remediation, crawl space encapsulation and foundation repair. Located in Newtown Square, they proudly serve the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

David Linn Cook of Weatherproofing Plus

Dave grew up in Springfield, Delaware County, and graduated from Springfield High School. He then attended the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences, where he studied entrepreneurial small business administration. For many years after college, Dave worked as a construction worker and also as a waterproofing estimator. He soon realized that he had a keen eye for finding water leaks that others could not find.
In 1991, David formed his own business, Weatherproofing Specialties. “There’s a saying that it takes 10,000 hours of doing a task to become a professional,” said Dave. “After 5 years of 50 hours a week and 52 weeks a year, I’d say I’ve more than accumulated those hours!”
Two years ago, he added a partner to his company, Julius Pacala, a skilled carpenter, who as a young man built a log cabin in the woods of eastern Europe. Forty years ago, while Julius was on holiday, he climbed the Alps, to escape eastern Europe. He found freedom in Austria, and later made his journey to the United States and became an American citizen. Dave and Julius merged the names of their two companies, Weatherproofing Specialists and A+, to form Weatherproofing Plus.
Weatherproofing Plus is unique in that not many other weatherproofing companies will send out the co-Owner to give an estimate and do all service repairs.

Many companies may hire specific salespeople to sell a specific product solution,” said Dave. “Some contractors may present solutions and bring you to the conclusion that a product they install is all you need. I get to the root of the problem and offer different options, and always ones that are, if possible, the most cost-effective.

When customers meet Dave, they can tell he’s sincere and passionate about his work. “I immensely enjoy talking to my customers and finding the problem,” said Dave. He also considers himself “a straight shooter.” “Weatherization is not a ‘one size fits all,’ and I never try to underestimate the problem,” he said. “Every job is custom, and sometimes that requires gradual implementation of corrective steps.”

BEFORE: A Montgomery County home’s basement with significant water damage

Weatherproofing Plus offers customers a 10-year warranty on all basements. “Some companies offer a lifetime warranty, but customers are quick to find out that it doesn’t cover very much. My friends and neighbors know they won’t have to pay anything additional if something needs quick fixing within those 10 years,” Dave said confidently.

AFTER: The same home’s basement after Weatherproofing Plus provided remedies

Dave has lived in Marple Newtown for over 30 years.

As a local, I feel it’s important to assist neighbors in need,” said Dave. “For me, that means making houses functional and safe, one home at a time.

And the key to a happy life? Dave says it’s to Live Simply. “I enjoy spending plenty of time with my lovely wife Linda and my five sons, taking nature walks with our new dog, and enjoying a cup of java and some very dark chocolate every day,” he said.
Dave and his family also enjoy receiving our Friends & Neighbors magazine each month, to read about people around town. And since becoming a Sponsor, he has heard from more of his neighbors, who’ve contacted him for help with seemingly unfixable leaks.
Living in Marple Newtown, we experience all types of weather anomalies, even hurricanes and tornadoes. So, when a water problem arises, it’s important to make sure that you don’t get confused by differing solution proposals. Weatherproofing Plus is committed to straight answers and integrity and finding the right solution for your unique home. Dave welcomes your inquiries by phone at 610-325-0596 or by visiting the website at